I was fortunate enough a few months ago to purchase from Mad Hatter Soap Co. and when my order arrived I was beyond excited. All the soaps smelled heavenly and each was very unique not like anything I’ve smelled before. I really like that. There’s so many bath and body companies on the market right now, especially of the handmade kind and they all use the same oils. It’s fun when you find a business that has stuff that is unique to their own store front.

I was impressed with their scent selection, how quickly my order arrived, how wonderful the order smelled upon arriving, and also with the presentation. I would most definitely order from Mad Hatter Soap Co. and you’d be a fool to also not try this company at least once.

The reason I haven’t reviewed the business yet was because I already had a bar in my shower that I was using so I wanted to wait until I had a real chance to use the soap in order to plug the business. The wait was worth it! I’m currently using Cake de Marie and loving it! It’s described as being a lavish helping of French vanilla layer cake and Viennese shortbread topped with a generous dollop of blood orange marmalade. I could almost eat this soap but I won’t. I’m looking forward to opening the 2 other bars I purchased.

Take the plunge! You won’t be disappointed!